How to download your RAW file from 23andMe and upload it to ADNTRO?

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(The whole example is done with 23andme)

First, to download your data, access your 23andme account and click on the upper right corner where your name appears. There should be an item on the menu that says «Browse raw data». Click to go to the page where you can download all your data.

If you choose download your DNA data and you click on the link, it will redirect you to a page where you can access the download of your data. You will then receive an email (to the associated address of your 23andme account) once your raw data is ready to download. Be patient, this may take about an hour.

After you’ve done this, your raw data download is available in perpetuity from this page of your 23andme account.

What does your raw genetic data look like?

To most people, a file of raw genetic data will seem like complete chaos. The huge text file contains lines of data for your genotype ("variant calling"), that is, A, T, C and G. In that format, the data is basically useless for anyone who is not a geneticist. Nevertheless, if you upload it to ADNTRO, you can get a whole host of insights you can’t.

If you can’t find your data file after downloading it, search your computer for ‘genome’. You’ll probably find a .zip file. If your computer automatically extracts zip files, though, look for a text file instead.

Once you’ve found the file in your computer, you’ll need to go to and click on the top button that says ‘Upload your raw’.

You´ll need to go to step two where you just have to fulfill the email registration. Finally, you’re about to upload your Raw File. Be sure that you have accepted the conditions and privacy policy so you’re able to upload your file. Select the file and simply go to checkout. That’s it! You’ve finished uploading your raw file!

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