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Amazon and Caribbean - Ancestral Origins

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According to an ecology study in 2021, as much as only 3% of the earth's surface remains unexplored. Of this percentage, a large part corresponds to the Americas and more specifically to the Amazon basin.


In the 21st century, tribes still continue to be discovered in Brazil in complete isolation from the world, providing a new perspective on how people lived in the Neolithic era.

It is quite The Amazonian tribes are likely to have originated from the migration of a flow of people that crossed the Bering Strait. Process that occurred during the Ice Age about 10,000 years ago and settled in the jungle.


The Caribbean is located in Mesoamerica. It has a large number of islands, some of them larger (large antilles) and others smaller (small antilles). The oldest evidence of human life is found on the island of Trinidad..


On the other hand, it seems likely that Christopher Columbus arrived for the first time at an island in the Bahamas, Guanahani. This fact is still a matter of debate.

The Carib ethnicity disappeared with the arrival of the Europeans. Due to miscegenation, some physical characteristics can still be found in populations of the Lesser Antilles.

This territory was the working place of countless pirates who, between 1640 and 1680, were ready to pillage and claim a good booty. Gradually, the Caribbean islands became independent of the colonial countries, so that there are numerous small island states throughout the region.

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