DNA Test for

Your personality traits

The Premium DNA Kit from ANDTRO allows you to access your genetic information related to personality.

While our environment and work influence the way we are, genetics also plays a fundamental role in our personality.

Looking at your DNA, can learn a lot about your personality.

Longitudinal studies on identical twins adopted by different families (same genetics, different environments) demonstrate the importance of genetics in a person's behavior.

Would you like to know if, according to your genetics, you tend to be more or less responsible? Or if you have a higher or lower predisposition towards being a natural leader?

With this genetic test you will get a complete personality report, where you can learn about these aspects of yourself and much more.

Genetic Personality Test
DNA Genetic Test Bold Personality

Genetic traits

With our DNA test for personality, you can discover interesting aspects of your personality, such as the following:


Whether you have a greater or lesser predisposition to risk.


Your predisposition to be more cautious or risky.


What is your tendency to suffer addictions related to tobacco, coffee, alcohol or cannabis

Behavioural Genetics

nutrigenetic information minerals


Thanks to your DNA we can discover everything the Five Factor Model (NEO-FFI) has to say about your personality:

  • Agreeableness: You will know your predisposition to harmony and cooperation.
  • Conscientiousness: We will unveil your inclination to regulate, control and direct impulses.
  • Extraversion: We will discover your tendency to relate to others and show your feelings.
  • Emotional stability: We will be able to know what is your predisposition to have negative feelings.
  • Open to experience: We will disclose information related to your intellectual curiosity.
Ancient ancestral information


We will also know what your DNA has to tell us about your genetic personality (MBTI). That is, we will discover aspects about your personality by taking into account the MBTI indicator, created by Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, applying our own algorithm based on genetic variants.

This way we can know, for example, if you are a charismatic person who tends to be a natural leader. Or if you have a warm and direct personality, with a predisposition to help others and with strong values and ideas.


With your DNA test we can access genetic information about your hormones.

Find out what your genes have to tell you about what is known as the ' happiness quartet', formed by endorphin, serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin.

By analyzing your DNA, you will be able to learn about your predisposed base levels of each of these hormones.

Genetic test hormones and personality



What are you waiting for? Get to know yourself even better! Your genes can teach you a lot about yourself, thanks to our personality report and DNA test.