Genetic predisposition. Am I sentenced by my DNA?

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You already have genotyping, you already know your result, your genetic predisposition, the strengths and weaknesses based on your DNA. And now that?

Thanks to the study of your DNA that we do in ADNTRO, you will be able to know what types of foods are best for you, for which diseases you have a high genetic predisposition or if your muscles recover after exercising more or less quickly than the population average. But how should I take these results? Does this mean that I am sentenced by me own genetics?

What is genetic predisposition?

The first thing is to know what is that of genetic predisposition. If your study reveals a genetic alert against diabetes (for example) this does not mean that you are diabetic, nor does it mean that you will be. This means that you have a high genetic predisposition to develop diabetes, that is, your genetic base is not going to help you in that sense.

Your genetics is like you base or point on which the actions that you carry out in your life and in your day to day. If you have a high genetic predisposition to develop diabetes it does not mean that you are necessarily going to be diabetic, but it is important to know, because you will have to be more careful with excessive sugar consumption than someone without this high predisposition.

It is something like imagining a glass to which we are adding water. If the glass overflows, you end up developing diabetes. If your genetics are favorable at this point, you will start "the game" with an empty glass, but if you have a high predisposition, the glass will already be quite full, and it will be easier for it to overflow, it will depend on your actions (and also a bit of luck) that it does or not.


Precisely these actions that are carried out in your day to day and that can overflow the glass, are what scientists call epigenetics. Epigenetics they are "modifications" that add to or "complement" your DNA and they have to do with biochemical reactions that occur in your body on a day-to-day basis; they do not modify it in essence, so it will not be transmitted to your children, but yes will have an effect on yourself. In the case of diabetes, epigenetics would act on your DNA base by eating an excessive diet in sugars (for example), and would help that glass overflow.

Am I sentenced for my genetics?

So am I sentenced for my genetics?my destiny is already written in my DNA? The answer is IS NOT.

As we have already seen, your DNA, your genes, your polymorphisms or SNPs They will tell you what you should be careful about, that is, something like your weak points (also your strong points) from the start; but on that basis, it is you who will act and who can make them better or worse.

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