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The cost reduction of genomic technologies has facilitated the arrival of genetics to a considerable percentage of the population. 

We want to dedicate this small space to thank you for choosing us to navigate your genetic code and give you a brief overview of your ADNTRO journey with the most important updates that we have been launching during last year, in all areas of our report. Remember, "Your DNA does not change, but the progress of science is continuous" and with ADNTRO you will always have your updated genetic code.


In the area of nutrigenetics we have launched the Nutrition Guide in which we analyze different genetic factors that influence the take care of your line such as predisposition to obesity, studies associated with appetite, variants associated with lipolysis (triglycerides) and analysis of genetic variants associated with genes CPU to evaluate your metabolic rate. Linking all your previous genetic results we offer you suggestions personalized.

We have also included the predisposition to present egg allergy, the metabolism of zinc and their respective foods incorporated in the section of suggested personalized foods. We have also updated studies of vitamins and minerals together with the communication of your results and we have added food suggestions personalized based on your previous results.


In the sports area we have included the variable flexibility, or quality that the muscles have of stretching to adapt to a new range in the amplitude of movements and that acquires importance to avoid certain injuries and especially for the practice of some sports.

We've added personalized sport suggestions, as well as new alleles reported, which improve results in endurance sports, strength, muscle development, aerobic capacity, muscle recovery, stress fractures and anterior cruciate ligament.

Health and Pharmacogenetics

As we know how important this section is, we have put a lot of effort to offer you as much information as possible about the study (author, date, quality, study size), the disease (prevalence, incidence, genes) and the trend that your results are taking as we increase the statistical power for calculating your predispositions.

On the other hand, we have expanded with new GWAS studies (Genome Wide Association Studies) the system integumentary, skeletal, muscular, immune, nervous and female reproductive and modified the digestive. In addition, to facilitate navigation, we have included a improvement in the visualization of your results and a seeker to find the information more easily.

We have also incorporated new drugs and a new section of drugs for which a genomic test is recommended in the technical sheet due to the existence of biomarkers associated with their therapeutic response.

Behavioural Genetics and Labs

In the area of genetic personality, we have added new SNPs in the trait of responsibility, which improve the result and we have incorporated the happiness quartet' so you can see your predisposition in the different hormonal levels.

We have worked mainly but not exclusively on the predisposition to covid (susceptibility, anosmia and prognosis updates) in our most innovative and fun section, labs. In the part of sleep we have included insomnia, snoring, energy and recommended hours of sleep. We have also expanded the section with the skin aging including levels of hydration, oxidation and elasticity.


In this very important section, we have developed a new way to explore your ancestry, exclusive to ADNTRO, with the collaboration of the University of Texas at Tyler, the unpublished ancestral patterns. We have also developed a new version of the ancestry calculator and we have put our efforts to improve our knowledge about the genetic diversity

ADNTRO Community experience - Enhancements

In addition to constantly expanding and updating scientific content, we want to make sure your ADNTRO experience is the best it can be.

We have included many improvements throughout the process. Now you can scan the code of your sample to activate it, download the app of ADNTRO on your mobile, pay with PayPal, surf more easily by application, learn genetics with our educational cards, access a personalized coupon and unique that you can share with your friends and family and many more things that we will work on this 2022.

Lots of improvements, right? Well, this has only just begun, we have big plans for you in 2022. We don't want to reveal everything to you, but we would like to launch some concepts that we are working on: genetic album, entropy with your DNA, improvements in the content of the navigation and much more that we would like to continue sharing with you!

If you are not yet a member of the ADNTRO community, here you have a lot of reasons why to be part of our community and we encourage you to join us.