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Do not! At ADNTRO we want to democratize access to DNA. We take care of the complicated part and give you the results in a simple and explained way so that everyone can enjoy their results. You can always delve into the detailed sections that we put next to the results.

We look at what makes you different, to be precise we look at the most common known variations among humans called SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms). A SNP is a genetic marker, that is, a position in your DNA associated with certain phenotypes; We analyzed 750,000 of these genetic markers.

At ADNTRO we use the Illumina “GSA array” chip, which is a collection of microscopic DNA dots attached to a solid surface. Scientists use DNA microarrays to measure the expression levels of large numbers of genes simultaneously.

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It is shipped directly to the laboratory, which is located in Denmark and is prepaid with our home kit. DNA is extracted from your sample and then genotyped using a technology called microarrays.

The quality of our RAW data is accurate to 99% of the correct genotypes; when in doubt, an "NC" appears in your data, which means "do not call" if the genotype did not pass the predefined precision threshold.

Additionally, our algorithms compare your sample to a public database known as 1000 Genome Project, which is currently used as a reference in microarray design. This comparison allows us to provide you with a relative result of your reference population (for example, the European population) and determine your predisposition to certain traits in relative terms.


Genetic predisposition or genetic susceptibility is the genetic mass capable of influencing the phenotype of a person, population or species. The phenotype is known as the environment-dependent genotype (DNA) expression. It is the visible manifestation of the genotype and refers to any characteristic or trait of a person; implies morphology, physiology, behavior, biochemical properties, etc.

Therefore, genetic predisposition is the increase or decrease in the probability of disease, behavior, etc. according to genetics. Through SNPs and following a multiplicative mathematical model with exceptions such as haplotypes, it is possible to calculate the risk that a particular person could have in the development of a disease, using frequency and allelic frequencies.


Of course! The saliva sample is 0% invasive and does not pose any risk to your health or the baby's. It is totally safe.


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