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As you already know, DNA influences many aspects of our body, including health. In ADNTRO we analyze thousands of markers for more than 100 diseases belonging to different body systems or devices.

Anticipate the future

Some people feel true fear of knowing your health results when performing a DNA test. If this is your case, from ADNTRO We want to encourage you to know those results, we firmly believe that the health report is a fundamental tool of our platform. Your genetics can warn you of possible diseases that over time you can develop.

It does not mean that you have that disease or that you are going to have it, but that you are more predisposed than the rest of the population and therefore you will be more likely to suffer from it, but DNA is not everything, the decisions and actions you make on a day-to-day basis will tip the balance one way or the other.

Knowing your weak points in the context of health is therefore one of the key points in your journey through ADNTRO through your DNA. Knowing what diseases you are most predisposed to, you can take steps and anticipate to prevent them from developing or that its effects are so damaging. It is like taking out a health policy for your future, taking steps in the present to avoid having to go to the hospital in the future.

Your family also has something to say about your health

What we share many of the genes with our relatives, you can also share your family's genetic mutations. Some of these mutations can contribute to the development of certain diseases. That is why know your family's medical history, especially your ancestors, It is also important to be able to anticipate the development of any disease. But do not worry if you do not have this history or it is very limited, since with ADNTRO you will supply it with our health report. Many of the illnesses to which you are predisposed will be those to which your father or mother, or your grandparents, were. This information is even more interesting if your parents get genetic testing in ADNTRO, since this way you will be able to know if your predispositions come from your paternal or maternal line.

In ADNTRO we recommend that once you have your genetic health results, you go to your doctor for advice and know how to avoid the development of these diseases. In most cases, it is enough to take care of your diet, do sports, or follow some type of specific diet or vitamin supplement.

If you have doubts about how to interpret your results, We recommend that you watch this video.

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