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A Lifetime Investment
A powerful

DNA kit

requiring only a simple saliva sample
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Available in more than 60 countries in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East

saliva sample
steps DNA kit

It all starts with a saliva sample

It's very simple! You can do it from home in less than 5 minutes.

DNA kit adntro box

Talk to your DNA!

With GeneAI you can immerse yourself in a unique experience where you will converse directly with your DNA and explore the fascinating wonders it holds.

What they say  about us


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"The test that exploits to the maximum the virtues of knowing our genetic code.it is the most complete and reliable dna test on the market."

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“…Innovative potential concentrated in the field of genetics”

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"ADNTRO seeks to promote the commercialization of its genetic detection kit"

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"Creators of a solution that allows us to decipher our genetic code at home."

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The best guide
is your DNA

improve your diet

Personalize your

Discover how you process vitamins and minerals, and what your genetic intolerances are (such as lactose, gluten or fructose).

Eat better by following your personalized guidelines based on your genetic code

personalized diet
heart heart rate

Personalize your

What sports do your genes make you better suited to?

Explore what your genetics say about your muscle fibers, whether you are better suited to endurance or strength activities and your predisposition to injuries

discover your origins

Discover your

Explore your genetic admixture, with reference to different world populations.

Find out about your maternal and paternal haplogroups and much more with our ancestry reports

discover your origins
heart heart rate

Be aware
and prepare

Over 300 complex traits and diseases, along with tolerance to different medications, analyzed based on Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS).

Find out about your predispositions and improve your life with better preventative measures & treatments.

know your personality

Know yourself better

Genetics play a key role in your personality and behaviour

Use ADNTRO to discover how your DNA influences who you are.

personality study

See it
for yourself!

We are the only ones that let everyone browse a demo report, which will demonstrate the quality of our analysis

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See what
others are saying

Cary sheremet
Cary sheremet
ADNTRO's very recent ancestry results…
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ADNTRO's very recent ancestry results update are really outstanding, in my opinion ... READ MORE
Rúl Sanz
Rúl Sanz
The results are excellent
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The results are excellent, but what has surprised me the most are the personality traits. Impressive!
Ladi Oczelják
Ladi Oczelják
Amazing experience
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Nice web, very good service and amazing adn information wow
Impressed with this new company!
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Impressed with this new company! They have been extremely helpful with all inquiries and respond very quickly to all questions. They continue to improve their site layout to make it more user friendly ...
Highly recommended
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A fantastic, fast service. Stunning results; very accurate over so many aspects of my own personality and health. Excellent, easily understood but thorough report.
Valentin Rivas
Valentin Rivas
Connecting the dots on yourself. 100% recommend
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Impressed by the accuracy of several factors and excited to learn more about myself. Great design and solid science. Looking forward to further updates and new research! Keep the great work.
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Analysis of your DNA
that is periodically updated

Your DNA does not change, but the science of understanding it does...

ADNTRO is the perfect partner for your journey of self-discovery. Travel with us deep inside your genetic code...

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Upload your DNA file and explore your genetic code like never before, in less than 24 hours!

Your information is safe with ADNTRO. We neither give nor sell the information to any third parties. All files are treated with the utmost respect.

Compatible with all major RAW formats

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Your data is safe with us

We take care of your genetic information by using the best and most secure technology

Privacy & Security

We only ask you for an email address to communicate with you. Genetic information is private and we do not share it with third parties. All data is encrypted and anonymised using high-security protocols. If you want to help scientific progress by participating in genetic studies, you can choose to participate in only those that interest you most.

Privacy & Security

Technology and laboratory

At ADNTRO we use the "Global Screening Array" or GSA, from the Illumina company, which allows knowing 700,000 genetic markers of your DNA with a confidence level of 99%. In addition, we apply genetic algorithms to impute your results and discover up to 12M markers. The Laboratory where your sample is processed is in Denmark (Eurofins lab), one of the largest genotyping centers in Europe, with certification (ISO 17025).

Why choose ADNTRO's DNA kit?
ADNTRO Headquarters

Your genetic code reveals immense amounts of information about you that's useful for your daily life. The only way to discover it is with DNA testing. It sounds like science fiction, but the truth is that the progress of science and technology has made it possible to perform a quality DNA test from a simple saliva sample, and discover not only your origins, but also your genetic predispositions in areas as diverse as nutrition, sports, health, personality, ageing, and more...

With the online DNA testing from ADNTRO all you have to do is buy your DNA kit, which includes everything you need to send a saliva sample to our laboratory and start the DNA extraction process. Yes, it's that simple - a DNA kit that uses your saliva, done at home in total privacy, followed by you receiving your results online and through our app.

Affordable online genetic tests are already a reality. Discover yourpredispositions to certain diseases, which diets suit you best, which medications are best for you and much more with our rapid DNA test. You will have everything you need to know with ADNTRO - the most complete and revolutionary DNA kit on the market. more complete and revolucionarior the market.