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Ayurveda is the name of the traditional medicine of India. It is considered one of the oldest healing therapies (5000 years) and aims to maintain and preserve health (both physical and mental) through natural products and healthy lifestyles.

Ayurveda (Ayur = Life, Ban = Science) defends that the universe, and everything that inhabits it, is composed of five elements basic: ether (space), fire (heat), water (liquid), earth (solid state and minerals) and air (gaseous state and oxygen).

The combination of these elements gives rise to doshas (moods or typologies). There are three doshas based on the proportions that a person presents will make an individual have a psycho-physical constitution (Prakriti) or other. In other words, some physical, emotional and mental characteristics.

This does not mean that assigning one of the doshas exclude the rest. We all have a combination tridoshica, but there will be one or the combination of two that predominate over the others. That will be ours dosha.

The three doshas main are Vata (combination of ether and air), Pitta (combination of fire and water) and Kapha (combination of Earth and water). Know your dosha it is a fundamental requirement for Ayurvedic practice. Each typology requires a specific Ayurvedic practice.

In our We are working to offer you a new section in the section of Labs in which we can associate your genetic predisposition to doshas.

Like any groundbreaking study we publish in Labs, is based on scientific studies in progress or scientific studies carried out on a small population. This last case occurs with Ayurveda, making these results a first approximation, since the studies of genetic variants demand a high statistical value.

At ADNTRO we work every day to bring new studies to our clients (here you can read the original article) and soon you will be able to enjoy this new section.

"When food is good, medicine is not necessary, and when food is bad, medicine is not effective"

- Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb