Our team

Meet ADNTRO and the team that is
behind this innovative company

Our values

Contribute to the community

We want to be able to contribute to the community just as we nourish ourselves from all the shared experience


We want to make the journey through your DNA fun and we will try to make you smile whenever we can.

Honesty and Transparency

Being honest in the way we treat your data and your privacy is embedded in our DNA


We provide access to the original studies and publications so you can deepen your knowledge

Continuous improvement

By constantly updating our databases with new traits and genetic associations


Your DNA is far from being a "destination", but it provides an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself.

Our team

We want to become your partner on this fascinating journey within you, helping you discover and understand your genetic code.

Genetic progress in recent years is only comparable to advances in the field of computer science.

Our vision is to allow everyone to learn about their unique genetic code and to inspire new ideas and scientific approaches.

Since the completion of the human genetic code in 2003, the number of studies and sources of information on genetic markers, along with the scientific push to better understand the genotype phenotype, has grown exponentially. At ADNTRO we help you navigate all the present and future findings. Invest in your DNA - it's for life.

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Joshua Banta

UT Tyler

David Blom-Dahl

Scientific Area

Dani soler

UX Designer

Patricia alvarez

Graphic & Video designer

Alexis Cascales

Digital Analytics Consultant

Marina Gimenez

Marketing & Social Media

Angel Reig

Frontend Developer

Cecilia Russo

Graphic Designer

Simon Puebla


Pedro Moreno

UX Designer