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DNA Testing for Sports Performance


Did you know that around 66% of the variance in elite athletes is explained by genetics?

Training, nutrition, environment, motivation, and other epigenetic factors also play a role. But these are all under your direct control. Your genetics are not - but understanding them is.

Do you want to know what your performance potential for certain sporting activities is? Whether your body predisposes you for strength or endurance sports? Or what your risk of suffering certain injuries is?

If you are interested in the world of sports, you can now access all of this information and much more through our DNA testing for sports performance and accompanying Your Sports report.

Discover what your genes say about injuries you are prone to

A downside to all sports is the possibility of injury. But thanks to your genetic information, you will be able to know your tendency to suffer certain injuries.

This will help you take preventative action and pay special attention to avoiding these injuries.

For example, we can discover if you have a greater or lesser predisposition to suffer injuries in:

The Achilles tendon.

The anterior cruciate ligament.

We can also discover what your risk level of stress fractures.

See DNA testing for sports performance says about which sports suit you

Our DNA testing for sports performance enables us to recommend what sports your body is suited for, taking into account the results of the performance section, to take full advantage of your genetics when it comes to sport.

Maybe there is a specific type of potential great athlete inside of you which you haven't discovered yet. genes tells you everything through our DNA testing for sports performance..

Use our DNA testing for sports performance to inform your sporting potential

Your DNA has a lot to tell you about it your potential.

It can tell you about
different types of physical activity and different levels of it. From your DNA, we can learn if you are more suited to physical exercise levels that are more moderate or active in relation to:

Strength sports. Find out what degree of genetic predisposition you have for strength sports.

Endurance sports. Find out what your potential is in endurance sports.

Muscle development. Understand your ability to build muscle mass.

Cardiac recovery. Did you know that your cardiac recovery after training has a genetic factor?

Aerobic capacity. Gain access to your genetic information about your unique aerobic capacity versus physical activity.

Flexibility. With your personalised genetic data, we can learn more about your flexibility.

Muscle recovery. Gain a deep understanding of what your muscle recovery is like after training.

With ADNTRO Sports Report you can use genetic science to understand your body better.