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Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)


Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

DNA genetic test

With our Whole Exome Sequencing (WGS) and Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) test, we offer you the first kit on the market for full sequencing.

The kit will be delivered to your home, you simply need to give a saliva sample.

Afterwards, our laboratory will extract your DNA and then sequence your entire genome.

Get an extremely in-depth and high-quality view of your DNA.

complete sequencing kit

You will have it all with WGS and WES

Your entire genome will be available for life

Explore your genome

Download VCF (Variant Call Format) files for the analysis of your genetic variants, as well as BAM and FASTQ files, so that you have all your genetic data


Access all ADNTRO reports with maximum precision by using all of your DNA to determine genetic associations from GWAS studies

Ready for diagnostics

Our exome or whole genome sequencing data is of the highest quality and can be used by doctors and genetic counselors.


We offer the possibility (with an additional cost) to receive consultation and advice from our genetic and bioinformatics team to help you with all your questions about your results

Whole exome sequencing cost

At ADNTRO we offer you different options to explore all your DNA. We can also accompany you on your journey




High Pass (30x)

On Request

EXOME (150x)

What we give you

You will receive a report about the reading of your genome with quality parameters.

genome report

Access to the ADNTRO online platform, which hosts all of the reports based on your genome.

A DNA Circos Plot generated from your DNA like the one shown below

ADNTRO Circos Plot WGS

The possibility of hiring a clinical analysis or diagnosis based on your data. (Not included in the initial price)

clinical diagnosis

WGS, WES and Genotyping Differences

spanish genome

Frequent questions

Genotyping analyzes those variants of our genome that are polymorphic, that is, they show great variability between people and are very common in general (> 1% in the population). Genetic association studies (GWAS) are fundamentally based on this type of analysis and help to determine our predisposition to different diseases as well as phenotypic variations in individuals.

Genotyping techniques analyze approximately 700,000 positions in our DNA; compared, whole genome analysis (WGS), in which all your DNA is analyzed (the three billion base pairs) and therefore allows the detection of rare variants in the population. These rare variants tend to have a high impact on the development of diseases and susceptibilities and responses to them. This is the most commonly used genetic research technique in the world.

Firstly, our Home Kit comes at a cheaper price.

With these microarray kits, we perform genotyping, whereby approximately 700,000 positions of your DNA are read. This is sufficient for understanding some common traits, but it cannot be used for diagnosis or detection of rare variants.

With the complete sequencing of the genome (Whole Genome Sequencing) we can analyze its complete DNA (3,200,000,000 positions).

Our own comparative studies between 4x and 30x show a quality level difference of over 90%. This applies particularly to differences in those regions and variants that are more difficult to detect - these can only be determined with 30x.

The difference lies in the level of your DNA coverage. 4x coverage means that each position of your DNA letter sequence has been read an average of 4 times. To be able to make a clinical diagnosis, a greater coverage is necessary to determine your genetic variants. 30x is the minimum amount - that is, each position has been read at least 30x.

Our own comparative studies between 4x and 30x show a quality level difference of over 90%. This applies particularly to differences in those regions and variants that are more difficult to detect - these can only be determined with 30x.

First, we at ADNTRO send a kit to your home for collecting a DNA sample (a simple saliva sample, 2ml). The delivery to your home, as well as the return of the sample to the laboratory, is included in the price.

From the arrival at the laboratory of your test (approx. 5 business days in Europe), your results will be ready in 4 weeks.

You can access your results online, explore all sections of ADNTRO (including health and pharmacogenetics) and download files with your genetic information.

A genetic consultation with a professional team certified by the European Union in molecular genetics is available. As well as by the ADNTRO bioinformatics team. The consultation will be via email. You can query any doubts regarding your results and we will help you in every way necessary.

No clinical diagnosis is offered. For this, you should consult with your doctor

If you decide to have an exome or genome test, we will offer targeted analysis of variants detected in a specific subset of genes. You can contact us by filling out this contact form for more details.

We will give you several formats so you can explore your DNA.

For the WGS High-Pass you will receive:

  • BAM and BAI
  • Others: XLS, PDF of reports, ...
  • Bonus: Circus Plot
  • Diagnostic report (contracted separately)

For the WGS Low-pass: