Integrate genetics into your practice

Start from scratch and become an expert

Integrate genetics into your practice

Start from scratch and become an expert

Your complete genetic solution

We offer you an innovative biotechnology solution, which allows you to integrate genetics into your clinical practice in 4 easy steps, making you stand out as a professional and increasing your value.

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Designed for nutrition and fitness clinics, it offers information on nutrigenomics: intolerances, effectiveness of different diets, vitamins and minerals, digestive pathologies, muscle fibers and more information that allows you to personalize your recommendations.

Focused on psychiatry clinics and psychological offices. Provides information on nervous system diseases, mental illnesses, behavioral disorders and genetic behavioral traits based on Robert Plomin's studies.

Provides information for prevention based on the polygenic risk (endorsed by the AHA) from cardiovascular diseases such as thromboembolism, hypercholesterolemia and many others.

Report providing information on predisposition to adverse effects and the need for dose adjustments for more than 150 drugs, backed by research from Stanford University (PharmCAT) and the FDA.

Integrate genetics into your practice

In 4 easy steps

Receive saliva collection kits

Send them to our laboratory for analysis

Explore the results on our platform

Make personalized recommendations

Added value of

Customization with your brand

We include your brand on the platform

Sample management

Saliva kits

Logistics management to our laboratory

Genetic analysis with Illumina technology

Genotyping (700K + Imputation)

o Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) with clinical validity.

Access to genetic results

Easy interpretation, visualization and integration of genetic analysis

Powered by AI

Help in interpreting results with AI

Professional support

Training in the use of the tool by professionals

Examples of use cases

Harness the power of genetics

They trust us

Science behind

The PRS (Polygenic Risk Score) is a measure that assesses the risk of developing a disease by taking into account multiple genetic variants associated with the disease. It helps to predict the likelihood of developing certain diseases by considering the combined influence of several variants in different genes, providing a more complete picture of a person's genetic risk.

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