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The most comprehensive genetic test

A Lifetime Investment

Discover everything your DNA says about you. Available in more than 60 countries in Europe, America and the Middle East.

ADNTRO Kit and app

Entry DNA

  • Origins and Ancestry Ancestral components, similarity with modern countries, haplogroups, heterozygosity ratio...
  • Nutrition Guide to weight loss, recommended diets, genetic intolerances, metabolism of vitamins and minerals...

Start a unique journey through your DNA with our HomeKit Entry: Origins and Nutrition.


Premium DNA

199 149
  • Origins and Ancestry Ancestral components, similarity with modern countries, haplogroups, heterozygosity ratio...
  • Nutrition Guide to weight loss, recommended diets, genetic intolerances, metabolism of vitamins and minerals...
  • Fitness Sports performance, type of muscle fibers, predisposition to injuries, recommended sports,...
  • Longevity and Skin Skin care, aging and telomere associations, sleep... and the most innovative studies developed by the ADNTRO team.
  • Personality Genetic associations to personality traits (Big-Five), MBTI estimation, addictions and other traits.
  • Pharmacogenetics Predisposition to adverse effects and efficacy of medications; antidepressants, antibiotics, cardiovascular...
  • Health and Prevention Protection and genetic predisposition to diseases; based on constantly updated genetic association studies.

Our most complete HomeKit with which to unlock the full potential that your DNA can offer you.

Basic DNA

120 99
  • Origins and Ancestry Ancestral components, similarity with modern countries, haplogroups, heterozygosity ratio...
  • Nutrition Guide to weight loss, recommended diets, genetic intolerances, metabolism of vitamins and minerals...
  • Fitness Sports performance, type of muscle fibers, predisposition to injuries, recommended sports,...
  • Longevity and Skin Skin care, aging and telomere associations, sleep... and the most innovative studies developed by the ADNTRO team.

For those who want to take care of themselves, diet and exercise recommendations based on your genetics.

The Most Comprehensive Genetic Test
A unique journey inside your DNA

Unlocking the full potential of your genetic code has never been easier; with ADNTRO you gain access to an extensive array of analyses that empower you to deepen your self-understanding and enhance your well-being. Additionally, we continuously update your reports in alignment with the latest scientific discoveries, ensuring that your insights remain at the cutting edge of genetic research.


Improve your diet with genetic insights

Intolerances and allergies of genetic origin (celiac disease by DQ2 and DQ8 haplotypes), lactose and fructose intolerance.

How your body manages more than 20 vitamins and minerals (Vitamin A, B12, B9, Potassium, Magnesium,...).

Your predisposition to obesity (gen FTO), cholesterol, appetite, recommended diets, metabolizers (Caffeine, MTHFR,...)

Origins and ancestry

Uncover Your Roots with Advanced Ancestry Reports

Embark on a journey of discovery with our cutting-edge ancestry reports that reveal your ethnic composition, highlighting populations whose genetics closely mirror your own. Experience the thrill of uncovering the layers of your heritage.

Delve into your paternal and maternal lineages through Y chromosome analysis (available exclusively for males) and mitochondrial DNA studies, tracing your ancestry across generations.

Explore the ancient connections in your DNA, including your ancestral origins linked to Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA, along with an analysis of your heterozygosity ratio, providing a deeper understanding of your genetic diversity.

Health and Pharmacogenetics

Insights into Disease Protection and Drug Recommendations

Impact of your genetics on the risk of more than 300 diseases classified by system: Circulatory, Respiratory, Tegumentary System, Nervous system, Reproductive System, osseous, excretory...

Customized recommendations from CPIC and others pharmacogenetic studies for more than 50 drugs (Analgesics, antibiotics, Psychotherapeutics...)

Training and Fitness

Optimize Your Training and Prevent Injuries

Discover your natural inclination towards a sedentary lifestyle and learn whether you possess fast or slow muscle fibers to tailor your training for strength or endurance sports.

Enhance your aerobic capacity, understand your muscle recovery rate, and minimize muscle damage risks through insights into creatine kinase levels and muscle inflammation.

Find sports that align with your genetic makeup, and reduce the risk of common injuries like anterior cruciate ligament tears, stress fractures, and Achilles tendon issues.

Longevity and Personality

Sleep better and Uncover Your Genetic Personality

Unlock the secrets of your skin through DNA insights, learning about its hydration levels, antioxidant capacity, susceptibility to spots, tanning capabilities, and more.

Explore the realm of Behavioral Genetics with findings from comprehensive studies on identical twins raised in different environments, offering a unique perspective on how genetics influence behavior.

Dive into the science of telomere length, informed by genetic association studies, and receive personalized sleep recommendations, including your genetic chronotype and the optimal amount of sleep for you.

Why choose ADNTRO

We are a European company formed by an expert and multidisciplinary team, passionate about genetics and with the purpose of bringing genetics closer to everyone. We set ourselves the highest standards of quality and safety to guarantee the protection of your results.

MAXIMUM PRIVACY and security

Your data is anonymous and only you have access to it

We do not sell or share data

We will never share or sell your data. When the possibility of collaborating with a scientific study arises, we request voluntary consent from those interested in participating.

We do not ask for personal data

We are the only company that does not ask for any personal data when registering the ADNTRO Kits. So even we do not know who is taking the sample.

The data is always yours

You can download your data and delete all our records at any time. We are GDPR compliant.


Your DNA always updated

Discover the ever-evolving world of genetics, where new studies and variants are uncovered annually. With ADNTRO, a single sample is the gateway to ongoing updates, ensuring your results stay at the forefront of genetic research. We continuously refine and expand your reports with the latest findings and enhancements.

Enjoy our subscription service complimentary for the first year for our HomeKit users. You have the flexibility to cancel or renew your subscription at any time, allowing you to keep your DNA insights up to date.

We leverage the most sophisticated genetic databases, including the UK Biobank, to validate our studies, ensuring you receive the most accurate and cutting-edge information available.

What they say  about us

Still have doubts? We leave you a sample of ratings, comments, reviews, videos, etc. About ADNTRO with which you can hear firsthand how is the experience of unlocking the full potential of your genetics with ADNTRO HomeKit.

We are the highest rated genetics company in the market, read what our customers have to say!

Decoding your DNA has never been so easy

It is only necessary to pick up one saliva sample using our Genetic Test. We will make it easy for you to send your sample by courier to our laboratory and receive your results as soon as possible.

Buy your ADNTRO kit and receive it at home.

Collect saliva sample

Take the saliva sample with our collector.

Send your sample to the laboratory so that we can process your results.

Receive results and navigate your DNA.

Already genotyped?

If you have already performed a genetic test with another company don't worry, we don't hold grudges. You can upload your genetic file (RAW DNA) to our platform and we will process it instantly, check if your file is compatible!

The most innovative studies
As unique as your DNA

GeneAI explains your results

Our AI, GeneAI, will be able to solve all your doubts and deepen your results. A way to experience the navigation of your genetics as never before possible. Read article in press.

Unique works of art with your DNA

You can create a 3D Bonsai from your genome, play the conway game, or even take part in collaborations with artists who create works inspired by nothing less than your genetic code (e.g. collaboration with Felipe Pantone). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Normally you will receive your DNA test in less than five working days. Once received, if you are the person who will take the sample, you must register the kit on our platform and follow the instructions.

No! The test can be performed at home. You will need to collect a small saliva sample and send it to our laboratory. It is 0% invasive - no blood or pricks!

At ADNTRO we have validated each of the results since we have access to prestigious databases such as the UK Biobank. In addition, your data will be safe in the European servers of Google Cloud, our technological partner.

With ADNTRO you will be able to receive updates on your results and also talk about them with our GeneAI generative Artificial Intelligence.

Of course we do! At ADNTRO we take security very seriously. We follow high security protocols to ensure that no one but you owns and has access to genetic data and reports.

Of course! In fact our Kits are the perfect gift to surprise friends and family with. If you are not sure if the health area might seem sensitive to them, you can always purchase the EntryDNA or BasicDNA kit that omits that area (it is possible to upgrade the plan later).

The more the better! We recommend doing the sample with your partner or family, so you can compare the results and discover more about yourselves.

In addition, the purchase of several units has a very special discount.

With ADNTRO you will be able to learn more about your origins thanks to our advanced Ancestry and Origins reports.

However, we do not offer the option of family tracing. This decision is based on our principle of total anonymity of the samples. But you can always download your DNA sample and upload it to other dedicated platforms (such as GedMatch).

All our reports are reviewed and supported by scientific publications, which we always link to in each report. So you can see for yourself the study it is based on and even see the genetic markers we have found in your sample associated with the result.

Of course. Only you will have access to your data and analysis. You will be able to download your DNA file for uploading to other platforms.

Custody of genetic data should be done with caution. You should avoid sharing your file with unverified persons or platforms.

Access to your results is included with the Kit so no subscription is required.

That said, we offer an optional upgrade plan, which can be tested for one year for free, where you will keep your DNA updated and have access to special features (such as GeneAI, DNA artwork, etc.).

You will be able to cancel your subscription whenever you wish.

We have set the most competitive prices to allow as many people as possible to access your DNA.

In addition, for the purchase of several units you will have an important discount.

But hey, if you don't tell anyone 🙈 we'll leave you around for a 5% discount:

 [ FAQS5 ]

Digestive Medicine

For digestive clinics or physicians. Provides information on the genetic predisposition to develop diseases of the digestive system- such as Chron's, Inflammatory Bowel Disease among many others - as well as intolerances. This supports a possible early diagnosis and preventionThe results of this study are very positive, allowing for more precise and personalized interventions to improve the quality of life of the patients.



The applicability and importance of the PRSs in cardio is endorsed by the American Heart Association (AHA). The applicability of PRS is made possible thanks to this tool that helps in the cardiovascular disease prevention: identifying patients with a higher genetic risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, thromboembolism, hypercholesterolemia, and coronary artery disease (CAD), among others, enabling early interventions and preventive measures to improve patients' cardiovascular health.

integrate genetics into your practice

Biobanks, Pharmacies and CROs

Access and consultation of genetic data relevant to health and pharmacology. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to know the predisposition of patients to suffer adverse effects and what dose adjustments are necessary for more than 150 drugs, thus improving safety, efficacy and treatment personalization. This information is backed by Stanford University and approved by the FDA and gives solutions for biobanks, and research organizations.

integrate genetics into your practice


Specialized for dermatological clinics, this service provides information on dermatogenomics: skin sensitivities, efficacy of various topical and oral treatments, essential vitamins and minerals for skin health, dermatological conditions, skin types and more data to help you customize your skin care recommendations.

integrate genetics into your practice

Fitness and wellness centers

Genetic analysis allows for the design of personalized training programs that, taking into account genetic characteristics focused on the world of sports, such as muscle fiber types and predisposition to injuries, maximize performance and reduce the risk of injuries. Additionally, by considering genetic factors related to sleep and longevity, recommendations can be offered for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

integrate genetics into your practice

Nutri & Fitness

The practical application of nutrigenomics allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering your patients personalized and accurate information on genetic predispositions to food intolerances.The results of this approach allow the design of dietary plans completely adapted to the genetic profile of the patient. This approach makes it possible to design dietary plans completely adapted to the individual needs maximizing results and providing an exceptional and differentiated service in the field of nutrition.

integrate genetics into your practice


Very useful for psychiatric clinics and psychological clinics. Provides information on the genetic predisposition to develop nervous system diseases and mental disorders, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and OCD, among others. This supports a possible early diagnosis and prevention of these conditions, allowing for more precise and personalized interventions for improve the quality of life of patients.

integrate genetics into your practice

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